Our ISR® volunteer from The Park Kolkata Sous Chef Kuntal Das taught 5 staffs of our ISR® partner Pratham Padakshep how to run a café which they had opened at their new centre in North Kolkata. The café is run by 6 autistic youths who have been trained by these staff on various operations of a café like cooking and serving food. Earlier, our volunteer from Flurys had taught these staffs how to bake cakes which they then taught the autistic youths. In today’s session, the staffs wanted to learn what type of foods they could prepare at the café, foods that can be made easily keeping in mind that these will be prepared by autistic youths. Kuntal taught them how to make some basic foods burgers and noodles which can be made with easily available ingredients and also gave them tips on making various types of sandwiches which they were already preparing at the café. Keeping in mind the clientele of the café, he also suggested to them how they could make mocktails that can be sold at the café. Kuntal also dispelled various myths the staffs had regarding cooking various types of food and also told them how to ensure that hygiene standards are maintained regularly at the café.

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