On World Youth Skills Day, our ISR® volunteer from Zone By The Park, Kolkata – Sourav Gupta – took forward this year’s theme “learning to learn for life and work” by mentoring 22 youths, who are 18-22 year old and are first generation learners from their families, on why accepting placements, no matter how small they are, is the first step towards building a successful career. The youths study in Class X or XII while some of them are undergoing graduation in colleges. They receive training in various livelihood skills under the aegis of the NGO Literacy India and are offered placements after the training but there is tendency among them to reject such offers on the pretext that they don’t pay much. The youths come from the families of scavengers, rag-pickers and hawkers living in and round Howrah in Kolkata. Sourav interacted with them and made them understand why it was so necessary in today’s world to accept such offers so that one can get a start in life.

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