Our ISR® volunteers from Flurys – Tenzen Chemi Dekeva and Biplab Payada – showed 8 young boys and girls, who are mostly school and college dropouts, the various aspects of working in the kitchen of a cake shop and familiarised them with different kitchen operations. These youths, aged 16-22 years, are under the aegis of NGO Life Project 4 Youth who help them in acquiring various livelihood skills through the help of various partners. The training received at the Flurys kitchen provided them with the much needed of knowledge of understanding the operations of a kitchen and also provided them with the skill sets needed to work in such a kitchen. Since 2017, our ISR® volunteers in Kolkata and Delhi have imparted various types of livelihood skills training to youths from the NGO in areas as diverse as retail, hospitality, working in a café, how to give interviews and personality grooming. Cha Bar, Delhi, had roped in one youth from the NGO as an intern at its Connaught Place store.

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