Our ISR® volunteer from Apeejay Real Estate – Oyeeshi Ghosh – began a series of communication classes for six staff of NGO Iswar Sankalpa, a not-for-profit organization for homeless, mentally challenged people living on the streets of Kolkata, today at 2nd Floor Cafeteria of Apeejay House. In the first class, she asked them about the various problems they face while communicating in English with volunteers and guests coming to the NGO from various countries. She asked them how they approach these people and present themselves when they represent their NGO. In the next class, which will be held every Friday henceforth, she will be telling them how to present themselves properly through verbal and written communication which will be followed by a mock test comprising an extempore and written communication in the coming days to test what they have learnt in these classes. Earlier, our ISR® volunteer from ASMSPL – Debjiban Mukherjee – had conducted a series of classes on MS Word and Excel for the NGO staff and taught them how to use these tools in day-to-day office work.

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