Our ISR® volunteer from Oxford Bookstore Kolkata, Subhadip Mukherjee, Assistant Manager (Web & IT Applications), taught Cancer Foundation of India’s (CFI) Director Ms Sutapa Biswas how her organization could use video sharing platforms for promotion of its work. A blogger and social media pro, Subhadip taught her tips and techniques such as when to upload, whom to tag, share, time period of each post, repost of older posts and many others. In May 2018, he had taken a session where he had introduced the CFI Director to basic social media tools and their applications. In 2013, the NGO organized Cancer Awareness Sessions for our employees. Our employee of Apeejay Real Estate, late Subhash Chandra Jha, who was a cancer survivor himself, had been their brand ambassador. In 2007-08, Our ISR® volunteers have designed event collaterals for the organization.


CFI is committed to spreading awareness on cancer in India and has been working for cancer-affected patients. They work for cancer awareness and education in general public through print, electronic media, by holding regular meetings on cancer awareness and publishing protocols, manuals and innovative communication material on cancer prevention along with cancer helpline that provides counseling and clinical advice during and post-treatment status of patients. They also conduct researches through advocacy, surveys, intervention measures, implementation and monitoring of tobacco laws in the country. They want to publish about the at their social media pages.

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