Our ISR® volunteers from Apeejay Surrendra Management Services, Debjiban Mukherjee (Manager – Finance) & Satyajit Chakrabarti (Associate Manager – Accounts), conducted an open quiz for 30 senior citizens at Oxford Bookstore, Kolkata. They asked questions on a wide range of topics starting from football to films to history to food to music, as well as others. The elderly was asked to raise their hands when a question was asked and the first correct answer was given a prize. The quiz witnessed an enthusiastic participation from them as they had prepared themselves well in advance in the hope of winning maximum number of prizes. The senior citizens are members of Dignity Foundation, a non-profit organization working for the elderly population in various cities of India, with whom our ISR® volunteers have been conducting companionship events since 2014.


These two volunteers, who often team up for similar quizzing activities, returned to Dignity Foundation after the last quiz they conducted at their Annual Companionship Carnival in 2016 and this time, the venue was our soon-to-be 100 year old heritage bookstore on Park Street, Oxford Bookstore Kolkata.

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