Our ISR® volunteer from Flurys – Partha Biswas (Kitchen Executive) – along with his team spent a total of 24 hours with a five-member team from Pratham Padakshep, an NGO working for young autistic boys and girls in Kolkata, teaching them the basics of baking and showed them how to make bread and chocolate cakes. The Flurys’ volunteers also shared various tips & techniques on baking such as baking without preservatives or artificial flavorings. The members of Pratham Padakshep will now impart these skills to the specially abled youths under their care and thus create a source of livelihood for them by selling their creations at various exhibitions and fairs.


Our ISR® volunteers have been supporting the autistic children from the NGO with an aim of giving them a life like every other child. Volunteers from various divisions have, in the past, conducted art & craft sessions for them. One of the autist children was roped in at Oxford Bookstore Kolkata office and given training on various aspects of office work so as to acclimatize him with working in a real-life office environment.

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