Our ISR® volunteers from The Park New Delhi – Deepak Behl (Director – Human Resources), Nazir Ahmed (Master Chef), Rachna (Associate Director – Housekeeping) and Vamsi (Training Coordinator) – reached out to young boys and girls under the aegis of Life Project 4 Youth (LP4Y), to tell them how to make a career in the hotel industry. While Deepak spoke about various HR functions, Rachna told them about different types of housekeeping activities, Nazir spoke about various aspects of managing a kitchen and Vamsi told them how to prepare themselves for getting through top hotel management.

Mr Behl began the session by giving a brief introduction about the hotel industry such as the qualifications required for hotel jobs, work culture in hotels, daily activities of the HR and his experiences while working with many prominent brands. He also motivated the students about fulfilling their dreams through perseverance and dedication.

After this, Nazir explained to the youths how they should go about in their efforts at becoming a chef, the work culture in the kitchens, various sub-departments of kitchens, precautions to be taken while working, knowledge about Bakery & Confectionery – especially since there is a huge potential in terms of entrepreneurial ventures.

This was followed by a talk on housekeeping by Rachna, where she spoke about the importance of the Housekeeping Department in the hospitality industry. She spoke about various challenges of working in the hotel industry such as problems faced by women, protection of the environment, importance of cleanliness, etc. She then explained the work culture and daily activities carried out by the department. She guided the students about how to become a successful hospitality professional.

At the end, Vamsi shared his thoughts on how to commence one’s journey in the hotel industry. He explained the Job description according to the designations and daily activities carried out in Training department. He, then, informed the youths about various courses available with Institute of Hotel Management which can be undertaken to pursue a career in the hotel industry.

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