Our gardeners, Mohan and Biru, visited Premasree, a free residential home for blind boys and girls, to teach 18 visually impaired youths how to grow flowers and vegetables in a garden. The gardeners first taught them the basics of gardening and then showed them how to plant small saplings in the garden inside the premises of Premasree. They had carried with them saplings of flowers like salvia, celosia and cox comb as well as seeds of brinjal, tomato, chillies and cauliflower. The gardeners first showed them how to dig the soil with their hands and then sow the sapling and cover it with the soil. They explained to the children how much one should dig the soil and how much water they should use. After that, the gardeners explained the technique of growing vegetables in an organic manner using natural fertilizers and showed them how to plant vegetables by preparing the soil. They also held a session on how to create a greenhouse in their premises.

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