Apeejay India Volunteer Awards 2011 Youth Finalist Kush Kalra, now a Chandigarh based lawyer and human rights activist, dropped by at one of our offices in Delhi, to motivate the staff to fight for their Fundamental Rights by using the Right to Information Act and Public Interest Litigation, and emphasizing the need to volunteer, beginning with simple community initiatives, to bring about a change in one’s society. He spoke about his experiences of how he had filed various RTIs on issues of ragging, vacancy of judges, fire safety in schools, water facility at Metro, reservation of women in the Army and pushed authorities to take action. He made the employees realize that one has to shed off their fears and come out and speak up for their rights. Similarly, for volunteering, he urged the employees to start by looking around in one’s society and take up social causes which will make the society a better place to live. He said one can start with simple tasks like cleanliness by gathering like-minded people or aligning with NGOs who are working in this area and make the community garbage-free.

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