Our ISR® volunteers from Typhoo India – Kaushik Banerjee (Assistant Manager) and Amit Biswas (Business Development Executive) – added a zing at the “Chayer Adda” session of Dhakuria centre of Dignity Foundation, Kolkata, by rustling up exotic cocktails using the eclectic range of teas of our over 100-year-old iconic tea brand. The session was attended by 30 elderly members of the foundation. The volunteers began by first making a brew out of the “Orange Spicer” Fruit Infusion range which was then left to cool down. After that, they mixed ice cubes, soda water and sugar syrup to it and gave it a good stir. Then they served it to the audience. They also served other varieties of Typhoo tea such as Darjeeling and Green teas like Lemon & Honey to the senior citizens.

While Amit rustled up the cocktails, Kaushik explained the process and shared various cocktail recipes with the audience. The session ended with queries being put forth by the elderly on the different types of combinations that can be used for making mocktails using different varieties of tea. The volunteers patiently fielded their questions and gave them tips on making various types of cocktails using different varieties of Typhoo tea.

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