Two of our ISR® volunteers from The Park, Bengaluru, Nitin Sharma and Sanjay Singh took part in a disability sensitization workshop organized by Giftabled Foundation, an organization working for the empowerment of people with disabilities. Nitin and Sanjay learnt how to deal with people who are visually and hearing impaired, how to dispel various myths associated with disability, learnt the do’s and don’ts while dealing with people with disability and got an introduction to basic braille and sign language and an overview of disability law. The year before, Vinita Choudhary and Nihit Chandra from The Park, Bengaluru, attended a similar workshop by Giftabled where they acquired knowledge on how to interact with people suffering from disabilities, learnt how to use sign language to communicate with visually impaired people and got rid of their misconceptions about people suffering from various disabilities.

In 2015, 10 ISR® volunteers from The Park Hotels Bengaluru (TPBL) and Oxford Bookstore (MG Mall) took part in a workshop by the NGO aimed at teaching 50 visually impaired people, aged 16 to 28 years, how to sign the initials of their names in English.  Ajay, Shakti, Rishi, Surachi, Rinki, Prashant, Kritika and Shashi from the Bengaluru hotel and Parvathi and Sunitha from the bookstore attended the workshop that was held from 11 am to 3 pm at Shri Kusum Kumar Khaitan School and Rehabilitation Centre for Visually Impaired located at Mitra Jyothi Trust. For the ISR® volunteers, this was the first time they were interacting with visually impaired people. When they arrived at the venue, the members of the NGO used role playing method to demonstrate to them how to teach the letters of the English alphabet to the visually impaired. After that, the volunteers took their first step in reaching out to the visually impaired by making them feel how the letters of the alphabet feel when written in braille.

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