A team of 22 ISR® volunteers from Kolkata, from various Group companies, visited Dakshin Kolkata Seva Ashram, home to over 66 boys and girls, aged between 5-18 years, with some belonging to families living below the poverty line. The children were divided into two teams – one team consisting of kids between the age group of 5-11 years who played games like “Passing the Parcel” and “Chinese Whispers” while the other group, consisting of children in the age group of 12-18 years played memory games. The volunteers talked about the importance of education and career in one’s life and also stressed on the importance of sports. They also encouraged them to showcase their creative talents and took two paintings made by the children. The volunteers also ushered in Independence Day celebrations by singing patriotic songs and organized a quiz on India’s 65th year of independence. At the end, the volunteers distributed food packets comprising sweets, cakes, and tit bits along with Perk, Dettol hand-wash and soaps. Apart from these, the prizes for the various activities were sponsored by Oxford who distributed dart game, a colour pencil and geometry box.

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