A team of 12 ISR® volunteers from Delhi visited Guru Vishram Vridhya Ashram, an old age home which gives shelter to 100 inmates most of whom suffer from mental illness and have been abandoned by their families. These people were rescued by the NGO from the roadside and railway stations. The volunteers gave their best effort to bring about some happiness in the lives of the inmates through song and dance. The volunteers also distributed toiletries like soaps, detergent, toothpaste and talcum powder as well as tea and sweets. It was the first time that the volunteers had visited such a place and the experience touched their heart in a very deep way. The volunteers promised that inmates that they would come back again and they did so later in the year as a result of which the elderly people were overwhelmed by their gesture and welcomed them with open arms. The volunteers carried with them basic kitchen and grocery items for the inmates and spent some time talking with them. At the end, the Director of the Ashram expressed his gratitude and gave them a thank you note for their visit to the Ashram.

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