Following the Volunteering awareness session in September, 35 employees of Apeejay Surrendra Group from New Delhi, took the second step by taking up a hands on experience in volunteering at Don Bosco Night Shelter Home.

The volunteers were welcomed by 21 kids with “good morning bhaiya“ and “good morning didi” followed by a song and dance performance. The kids and volunteers were then divided into teams of two with one volunteer and one kid in each team, where they had to introduce his/her partner and tell one thing they liked and disliked about them. After 15 mins of the introduction round the volunteers realized that majority of the kids enjoyed studying, loved pizzas, mithais and hated fighting and also shared their personal likes and dislikes.

The group was then divided into five groups comprising teams of nine each, which foused on different issues of volunteering. They were asked to choose one topic each from health & hygiene, environment, food habits, safety and career counseling. The teams then discussed their topic for half an hour followed by a brief presentation by the teams which added to the learning of the entire group on their respective topics.

After the five presentations, the kids were given food packs that were brought by the volunteers, after the volunteers went through a brief ethics session about Whats Next in terms of individual/ corporate volunteering and the Do’s and Don’ts of volunteering with Mr Jamal Mohammad, Manager, iVolunteer, New Delhi and Ms Komal Arora,

The day ended when the brother of the shelter home briefing the volunteers about the organization and about the kids background and how they are picked up from the railway stations.

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