Employees of Apeejay Surrendra Group at Mumbai and New Delhi attended a training session on volunteering organized by iVolunteers, the managing partner of Apeejay India Volunteer Awards. The sessions were conducted at the Corporate Head Office and The Park Hotel. The Mumbai session was conducted by Mr. Shalabh Sahai, Director – iVolunteer, Mumbai; Ms. Prarthana Unkalkar, Head – iVolunteer Centers, Banglore and Mrs. Smita Gawde, Volunteer Relationship Executive – iVolunteer, Mumbai. The New Delhi session was conducted by Mr. Rahul Nainwal, Director – iVolunteer, New Delhi; Mr. Jamal Mohammad, Programme Head – Go Volunteer India, New Delhi; Ms. Komal Arora, Volunteer Relationship Executive, New Delhi and Ms. Smriti Verma, Volunteer Relationship Executive, New Delhi.

The sessions started with an introduction and an energizer which was followed by a brief interactive session on what is volunteering. Once the volunteers became more comfortable, the employees were divided into four groups with one iVolunteer facilitator in each group to work on an exercise of “Circle of Concerns” and “Circle of Influence”, highlighting the social concerns of employees and the actions they can take to influence their concerns to mitigate it. The session ended with a powerpoint presentation about iVolunteer and a few examples on volunteering opportunities for a better understanding for the employees. In Mumbai, 75 employees participated while in New Delhi, 90 employees attended the Volunteer awareness session. Most of the employees at both locations were interested in working for the cause of education and child welfare. A number of people showed interest in volunteering for environmental issues and elderly welfare. In Mumbai, 55% employees wanted to volunteer for education and child welfare issues and in New Delhi 39% showed maximum interest in working for the cause of children & education.

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